Tuesday, June 12, 2007


"Melody Day"

The man formerly know as Manitoba (before being sued by Handsome Dick(head) Manitoba himself) is back with Andorra, his first offering for Merge records. The album brings a much welcomed shift back to the psychedelic sampling that made Up In Flames and underground classic. The opening track “Melody Day” abandons the thin simplicity of his previous album The Milk Of Human Kindness and builds on endless layers of “is it real or is it sampled?” instrumentation. There’s definitely more of a live band sound to this record, but it’s still the work of a large vinyl collection (it’s like analogue heaven for the audiophile). With so much stuff crammed into a four minute slot, it’s easy to get lost in the mélange of guitar licks, drum kits, and melodic found-sound. But once you find your way around, there’s nothing left other than a beautiful song to start the summer.

Download >>Melody Day

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