Tuesday, June 5, 2007

White Rabbits

"While We Go Dancing"

If you don’t know already, White Rabbits are a sextet from New York who, with their debut Fort Nightly, have garnered some well deserved buzz and blog-o-cred. One cut from the album, “While We Go Dancing”, is a really fun song that somehow combines traditional pop with some weird kinda off or minor key stuff that crescendos the verses into a really satisfying and dance worthy chorus. There’s a Strokes-y guitar popping around a steady beat, while rambling piano keys roll around the vocal melody. The piano allows a wickedness to emerge from the melody and keeps the guitars from overpowering the song. The lyrics are sung with such a passion that when the chorus appears, any tension is released with joy and sweetness, and is savored until the next line of verse comes up. The neat breakdown towards the end of the song, filled with “oooh” voices and bass lines, seamlessly breaks anything that one might misconstrue as monotony. “While We Go Dancing” is not just another upbeat dance rock song. It combines the challenging and sophisticated elements that we love about indie music with poppy sounds that fall beautifully into place.

Download >>While We Go Dancing

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