Monday, June 18, 2007

Róisín Murphy


Róisín Murphy’s last album Ruby Blue was a masterfully crafted piece of found-sound pop. We obviously have Matthew Herbert and his P.C.C.O.M. manifesto to thank for its musical charm, but Murphy’s silky jazz vocals made up a large part of the albums success. But this time around, the Ramalama Bang Bang has been smoothed over into a steady, sensuous boom. “Overpowered” is a dizzying night club anthem, complete with squiggly acid synths and house atmospherics. It sounds like a step backwards at first when compared to the sonic experimentation of Ruby Blue, but it’s more like a lateral leap within the same genre. “Overpowered” is dance music in its purest form; simple in structure, but effective in its purpose. I’ll probably always be more attached to Ruby Blue, but that doesn’t mean Murphy’s Sophomore will be any less of an album.

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