Friday, June 29, 2007

Lemon Sun

"Telephone, Are You Alive"

My senior year of high school brings back a lot of memories, my fondest were of my friend Albert asking girls if they fuck on the first date, girls telling me I was weird and waking up early in hopes to catch this video by some band called The Strokes. Since then not much has changed, girls still think I'm weird, garage rock is still ruling the airwaves and teaching kids how to dress. Los Angeles' Lemon Sun is keeping things tried and true with their poppy, guitar-driven rock. The four lads and a lady lay down the standard equation, catchy hooks over some rockin' melodies. "Telephone, Are You Alive" follows on the coat-tails of bands like Rooney, The Mooney Suzuki, and of coarse The Strokes, who still kept the garage rock image but made their music radio-friendly. Lemon Sun may be no MC5, but they still can kick out the jams just as well. I can easily see "Telephone, Are You Alive" making the Indie 103.1 play list, or being blared out of some car parked on Sunset Blvd late at night

Download >>Telephone, Are You Alive

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