Thursday, June 7, 2007

Miracle Fortress

"Have You Seen In Your Dreams"/"Little Trees"

With the endless number of Brian Wilson wannabes and harmony obsessed indie poppers, I’m surprised I haven’t sworn off every Pet Sounds carbon copy I’ve come across. But for some reason, they keep coming, and I keep eating them up. The latest being Montreal’s The Miracle Fortress, and their debut album Five Roses. With a combination of Beach Boys charm, innocence and earnest, Graham Van Pelt (the man behind the moniker) churns out fuzz-pop fueled by an endless amount of sunshine and summertime memories. “Have You Seen In Your Dreams” uses all these elements to maximum effect, adding some ‘dreamy’ textures to make good on its name. “Little Trees” greets us with a pitch-warbling synth and clean acoustic plucking. The song turns blissfully happy-go-lucky, layering in psychedelic effects with the expected harmonies. While the whole album doesn’t cash in on this masterful formula, it definitely has its fair share of sun-drenched gems. No matter how much you try to avoid it, it’s bound to earn a few smiles.

Download >>Have You Seen In Your Dreams

Download >>Little Trees

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