Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Shout Out Louds

"Tonight I Have To Leave It"

So, yes, these guys are from Sweden but you can’t get mad at them because this (Our Ill Will) is their second album. What that means…I don’t know…but I feel like it gives them some gravitas against the others. They’ve also got some cool videos on the old youtube that will take that Robert Smith image right out of your mind. This song, “Tonight I Have To Leave It” is an undeniably catchy tune filled with sweeping strings, perky percussion, and a whole bunch of reverb. I especially have to give it up to drummer Eric Edman. He’s got this driving, almost surf rock back beat that spices the song up significantly. His ability is a bit overwhelmed by the music on top, but when you give it a careful listen he's quite amazing. I may have been influenced by the videos, but The Shout Out Louds definitely have a cinematic quality to their music. “Tonight I Have To Leave It” seems to be written so that you can cut romantic scenes together in your head while driving. It’s a huge song with huge points to be made i.e. “Give Love!” So do what they say, shout it out loud, and give it up to the drummer!

Download >>Tonight I Have To Leave It

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