Tuesday, June 19, 2007


"Good To Sea"

Is it fair that I review a song by one of my very favorite bands? Yes. Yes, it is, because it gives me the right to say that this may be their best album yet. In "Good to Sea" the San Diego natives are back with another plucky tune about loss and acceptance. Intricate patterns of airy keyboard notes and doubled up guitar are blended thoughtfully with Zach and Rob's pleading voices. On any other voices the heady lyrics would seem like whining, but with Pinback it is an urgent message that seems to float just inches above the music (Who else could lackadaisically lament, 'Oh no, I hit rock bottom,' and make it sound so satisfying?). I will never tire of admiring the way Pinback crafts a new world for every song they record. Listening to this new album, especially this little opus of a single, the world seems a bit better. A bit more human. Somehow, they make it sound nice to be here.

Download >>Good To Sea (link removed by request)

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Sarah Harris said...

I see the morons wanted you to take down the download.
To the morons: go hassle some other blog.