Monday, April 2, 2007


“Je Veux Te Voir”

If this song were sung in English I’d be embarrassed to admit I dug it. As it is, the Euro-techno-pop sensation leaves me wondering (as I drive around in my car): “Oh shit- can other people hear this?” Upon first shallow listen, the tiny saccharine voice of a French girl is mildly distracting. On second listen, I wonder if I can hear Parliament’s masterpiece “White Horse” in the bass line. Ok, so it’s funky! Then I decide there’s more to this song than meets the eye...or ear. Flashback to my freshman year of high school about ten years ago: I had an obsession with Furação 2000. Furação 2000 was a Brazilian club phenomenon who's music was characterized by pounding basslines, beats resembling that of a tweaked out marching band and random space age sound effects, all punctuated by a tiny foreign female voice singing about booty-shaking. Granted, I can’t understand French so I can’t verify this hypothesis, but Yelle has taken a very effective formula and milked it for all it’s worth. Perhaps not groundbreaking or original in its conception, but “Je Veux Te Voir” is a successful song that creeps up on you until you can’t stop listening to it. Then, after it creeps up on you, it convinces you that you are indeed THE BEST dancer ever known to man. I say, A ++ for getting the job done.

Download >>Je Veux Te Voir

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