Friday, April 6, 2007

Digitalull: Your Weekly Electronic Fix


Sweden, one part of the recent holy trinity of music (with France and laptops) has given birth to yet another gem with Zeigeist. In case you happened to get the leaked version of Silent Shout by The Knife last year, you might have noticed an extra track at the end named "F As In Knife". The song is actually named "Tar Heart" and sounding like The Knife's twin, your humble corespondent didn't even blink. Cut to a month or so later only to fnd out someone had tacked it on to get Zeigeist a little publicity. May many blessings come unto that person. The performance-art group includes (according to their myspace page): Maria N Styling & Costume Design// Per S Music & Production// Mattias B Words & Performance Consultant// Nicklas H Conceptual & Graphic Design// Andreas S Movies & Stage Design. So as you can see, the Zei are one half music and one half visual, much like The Knife, whose music is prerecorded for live shows. I have no idea if Zeigest does the same, but clearly the mission here is to infiltrate both the ears and eyes. Fortunately their music holds up to their counterparts, very very well. First thoughts would probably be 80's-electropop/electroclash, but I seriously dare you to only listen to these only once. Zeigeist manages to make dance songs with a great deal of sophistication mixed with playfulness and heart. Even with all of this excitement, they have yet to release a complete album and so, we bring you 3 of the 5 tracks released so far. One of my fellow Mizians says they are all about sex, which I could tell in a couple, but not all. Hi Devon.

"Dawn/Night" leads you down the bubbly road, needles you with synths and then you'll recognize the Knife-like vocals (only not all distorted to sound like a creepy guy). Yes they sound very feminine and very lovely, not only that, but for a synth-pop group they manage not to ever sound cheesy, but truly genuine. The battling female vocals and numerous hooks will leave you spell-bound and the haunting, reflective, almost sadness provokes a little spark for your dead battery.

Download >>Dawn/Night

"Bunny" steps it up a little bit, enough to get you to do the pogo, including some electro hand claps and (gasp) even some guitar riffs. Also in this recipe are some independent woman attitude, mid-80's keyboard and male harmonies popping in for a quick visit. Get off me muscle boy, I just want to dance ....SNAP. (or have a lot of sex with you later)

Download >>Bunny

"Chasing Your Shadow All Around" is the sad song. His voice makes you melt a little and realize you've probably been in the same stranded situation, well maybe except for the first line which I will just let you listen for yourself. "My body's flesh and gore" rings out repeatedly alluding to just being a piece of meat. Combined with the late night purple sky-foamy waves washing on your feet as you walk along the beach alone-background of battling vocals and music, you might just cry a little bit.

Download >>Chasing Your Shadow All Around

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