Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Low Vs. Diamond

"Life After Love"/"Stay Awake"

It’s 2007, and the I <3 the 80’s nostalgia has yet to wear thin. I’m sure it’s on its way out, but for now we’ll revel in the gloomy magic of bands like Low Vs. Diamond. You might have mistaken them for some dreary English dudes. Maybe that’s because their four song EP Life After Love is only available in the U.K. Or maybe it’s because the music seems to fit so well with our sheltered American idea of what London is like. Regardless, it’s important to note that this band resides in L.A., and it’s pretty sad that they have to go to the other side of the Atlantic to get a little recognition. Like every other band that resembles Echo and the Bunnymen, LvD specialize in moody mid-tempo rock for the most part. The one exception, “Stay Awake” introduces itself with an insistent kick drum and shimmering synths that hover somewhere in the distance. With its almost silly sentiments (“Stay awake, I’m sure you’re feeling tired. But you haven’t done that little song that you sing to yourself”), it could have been a classic high school “last dance” from the post-punk era. “Life After Love” shows the bands love for dreamy, romanticized verses paired with soft rock hooks. So what’s the difference between Low Vs. Diamond and every other 80’s hand me down? For one, the music may sound drab, but they still manage to avoid the self-loathing that characterizes most of its genre. It’s nice to be able to simply indulge in your sadness without sinking into total despair.

Download >>Life After Love

Download >>Stay Awake

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