Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Apostle Of Hustle

"Cheap Like Sebastien"

Apostle Of Hustle, headed by Broken Social Scene’s Andrew Whiteman, recently released their sophomore album, National Anthem of Nowhere. With a unique blend of sounds that range from that classic indie rock feel to a distinctly Latin flavor (that goes as far as “Rafaga” sung completely in Spanish), National Anthem of Nowhere is a breath of fresh air in a seemingly endless supply of “generic” music we see so much of today. The drum introduction to “Cheap Like Sebastien” has an almost marching band with a Latin twist feel to it. Soon after, the vocals are introduced, along with synths that hang in the background throughout the song and carry you through to the end. The soft spoken vocals along with a catchy bassline mesh perfectly with the synth, and with the help of some carefree female vocals. Then you have lyrics like “It was new, it was love, it was cheap” that embody that blissful yet sometimes despondent feeling love and life can bring us.

Download >>Cheap Like Sebastien