Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tokyo Police Club


HA HA! Fooled ya! Not only are Tokyo Police Club not from Japan, but they’re not cops either! Good one boys! You got us! Hahahahaha! But all seriousness aside, the Canadian blog-favs are destined to set the hype machine in motion…. as soon as they decide to release a full album. With only one EP (A Lesson In Crime) under their belt, the boys have already generated a decent buzz. So to keep the masses hungry, they give us the Smith EP, a digital only release. The lead-off track “Box” makes self-deprecation sound like fun. “It comes easy to a scum-bag like me” they admit. Fair enough. The drummer lays down a strict, propulsive rhythm while the rest of the boys shake out your typical, partially distorted guitar noise. “Box”, being only a limited release, really only hints at the bands potential. Whether or not their yet to be released full-length will fully deliver on the promise of early material….only time will tell.

Download >>Box

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