Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Rosebuds

Are you having a bad day? Not for long! (I just said that while running down the street and ripping some tear-away pants from my loins). Don’t be fooled by the euro-pop synth strings and happy high hat. Sleeping on top of that sugary sweet melody is an indie-pop dream song called "Get Up And Get Out" from the duo of Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp, otherwise known as The Rosebuds. Not since PB&J’s "Young Folks" has a song been so set for a dance club remix. "Get Up And Get Out" is deceivingly amazing. The song’s beat is incorrigible, and worthy of some private dance sessions. The lofty melody introduced in the beginning of the song, and what is ultimately the songs musical center piece, is accompanied by a verse/chorus/verse of jazzy acoustic chords and great lyrics. It’s awesome that a song about curing the poisonous parts of life with goodness and freedom inspires just that. "Get Up And Get Out" may seem like aspartame, but if one expands their pallet a little more, they'll see that it’s sweetness is homemade and pure.

Download >>Get Up And Get Out

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