Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mark Ronson


Mark Ronson has been pretty busy the last couple of years. Robbie Williams, Christina Aguilera, and Lily Allen are just a few artists that owe production credit to him. The most notable success of late would be Amy Winehouse, which a majority her recent album was produced by Ronson, including the first U.S. single “You Know I’m No Good.” From that album alone, you might figure the London born DJ/Producer may have a little more soul than the rest of his English compatriots. But you would never figure he had the skills to re-work a Radiohead masterpiece into the funk’d up adaptation presented here. The song originally appeared on Exit Music: Songs With Radioheads, an album full of Radiohead covers. The song now comes on his latest release Version, which takes songs from artists such as Coldplay, Ryan Adams, and even Brittany Spears and revamps them, northern soul style. “Just” is easily the most successful of the batch, managing to keep a majority of the original arrangement with different instrumentation. Maybe the next Radiohead album will have more soul and less machine….but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Download >>Just (feat. Phantom Planet)

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