Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ben + Vesper

"Gardens Ahead"

The latest artist to join the Danielson family (which includes our good buddy Sufjan), are a duo by the name of Ben + Vesper. The (married) couple specializes in a unique brand of acoustic pop. Although lyrics like “The state of my plant life is my own business” and “Don’t try to divine my true thumbs color” lead me to believe there’s another substance influencing them besides pure talent (this is pure speculation by the way), I’m still willing to recommend them to fans of lush, folk influenced pop. The easy going “Gardens Ahead” from the bands EP More Questions makes use of care-free acoustic guitar, banjo, and some sort of chime that sounds like a star falling from the heavens. Ben sings with a slight drawl, à la Rufus Wainright, sometimes combining several words into one long sound. Vesper plays back-up, adding slightly unsettling harmonies which always manage to come together by the chorus. It all gently builds into a jangly, beautiful acoustic lull. It’s a good reminder of something most of us forget everyday: the art of relaxation.

UPDATE: I was informed by Vesper herself that no, they do not take partake in the use of illicit substances. They just really, really like plants.

No joke.

Download >>Gardens Ahead

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