Monday, April 9, 2007



When you’ve been around as long as Low have (fourteen years), you would think you’d run out of things to say. With the primary members being married (to each other) with children, one might assume that any fiery protest they may have had in them would have died with age. But obviously, as “Breaker” and the rest of the bands latest album Drums and Guns illustrates, assumptions aren’t always accurate. And while most protest songs attempt to channel their rebellious energy through the music, Low take a more subtle, effective route. The track uses a synthetic drum beat as the backbone, accented by heavy claps. Once the organ comes in, the sound of a mournful dirge becomes clear. The message is direct: “Our bodies break and the blood just spills and spills/But here we sit debating math/It’s just a shame, my hand just kills and kills/There’s got to be and end to that.” Whatever crimes are being committed, be it here or elsewhere in foreign countries, we’re all somehow responsible. It’s as if a lack of action, in effect, actively perpetuates the very injustices we’re ignoring. It’s heavy stuff, which of course no one wants to be bothered with. I guess we’ll have to leave it up to bands like Low to speak up every now and then and hope that someone’s actually willing to listen.

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