Thursday, April 19, 2007


"Parking Lot Nights"

One day I’ll get sick of that sound. But for now that distorted, scuzz-fuzz synth is the key to my heart. It keeps begging me to breakdance. It keeps telling me to put on that 80’s style sweatband I’ve been hiding in my closet for so long. I got so wrapped up in the moment once I tried spinning on my head and nearly lost my neck. I can’t help it, it’s infectious. “Parking Lot Nights” sounds like it came straight from the Ed Banger camp, but these dudes don’t even have a deal yet. Normally I stray from posting songs from unsigned artist, but “Parking Lot Nights” is a worthy exception. Besides, I’d be willing to bet Ghosthustler won’t have to go too much longer before the get snatched up by a label. And even if they don’t, we’ll just play “Parking Lot Nights” on repeat until we drop.

Download >>Parking Lot Nights

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