Friday, April 20, 2007

The Snake The Cross The Crown

"The Great American Smokeout"

For sometime there was speculation as to whether we would hear anything more from The Snake The Cross The Crown. They canceled the remainder of their tour dates when on the road with their second album Mander Salis, and seemed to have simply dropped off the map. Fast forward to 2007 and they resurface with the release of Cotton Teeth. Something had changed though, and what a wonderful change it was, resulting in an album with that folk feeling that reaches into your bones and makes you want to say “I’m coming home mama.” “The Great American Smokeout” begins with acoustic guitar that is reminiscent of stepping in your car turning the key and hearing the motor sputter just a slight bit before it starts, but once it does you’re off and down the road. The kick drum leads you into the catchy chorus which is accompanied by an equally catchy piano melody. All of these elements give “The Great American Smokeout” that good ol’ Americana folk feeling, which for some strange reason, always seems to be the perfect soundtrack for that summer road trip you’ve been planning.

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