Wednesday, April 11, 2007



If it weren’t for the airy synths, soft falsetto, and distant angelic choir, I would have deemed “Arcadia” the next club banger. Strip it down to just the first few bars of the intro and you’re left with a potential radio-ready single. But with the other elements mixed in, it becomes the dream-like comedown after a long night of partying and substance abuse. It actually sounds like one of those parties where everyone dances is slow motion, fully bathed in blue light. The only thing keeping the song from floating away is the booming kick drum and clattering percussion. Coming off like a less erratic Thom Yorke, Apparat handles vocals on this and a handful of other tracks on the forthcoming Walls. The style suits the tracks well, keeping everything light and smooth to match the drifting background sounds awash in reverb. The only frustrating thing is deciding whether to pop and lock or sit back and relax.

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Anonymous said...

you're right, yet I intensely enjoyed every note of it, so they must be doing something right no? Since you can't place it into a category directly, it really caught my ear