Monday, April 16, 2007

Lost In The Trees

"Lost In The Snow"

Listen, I’d be the first person to label Lost In The Trees a bunch of posers if I only listened to the first few seconds of “Lost In The Snow.” I’d pretty much write them off as knock-offs or hip-hop wannabe’s. Good thing they’re not hip-hop at all. All preconceived notions melt away once the east-coast style drum beat disappears and leaves a banjo in its absence. But what could have been pure kitsch or a clumsy attempt to defy categorization actually reads earnest. It’s simply including the elements of music the band’s main man Ari Picker has come to love, without any hip indie-elite posturing attached. To be honest, I’m sort of a sucker for the cinematic orchestrations found on the bands EP Time Taunts Me, so if they wanna add a simple little backbeat to freshen things up, be my guest.

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