Friday, April 6, 2007


"No Comply"

Studio’s song “No Comply” begins in some casio-genius’ bedroom. Chalk full of cheap keyboard “Doo” voices and lo-fi beats. Though with each musical stanza, brilliant understated percussive noises emerge on top of a cruzie outer space bass line. The song is so deeply layered with sound you can spend multiple listens focusing on one or two lines a time and have a new experience with each one. With that in mind, “No Comply” is essentially in three or four different parts that snow ball into an ultimate crescendo filled with Duran Duran, LCD Soundsystem, Verve, and Daft Punk. I hesitate to orgasm over the danceable qualities of the song since it could be a little slow, depending on your taste. Though I’m sure some of our more visionary and dance inclined friends could be inspired to create some bitchin’ moves. In fact they should probably spend some time practicing ‘cause I’m starting to feel a little inspired myself.

Download >>No Comply

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I orgasm over the musicmiz...