Tuesday, April 10, 2007


"Prelude For Time Feelers"

Sometimes in life it seems as if before we have time to grasp what is happening at any given moment, that moment has ended and the next has already begun. We get so caught up in living for the moment that has yet to come we never have time to appreciate the moment that is now. Copia, Eluvium’s latest album seems to have the effect of slowing the world to near stop and allowing us to escape into a dreamlike atmosphere of thought, feeling and emotion. With “Prelude For Time Feelers” Matthew Cooper starts with a simple piano melody that instantly seems to slow your breathing and lovingly pull you from reality. While the simple circular piano melody runs throughout, string swells are gradually introduced and you begin to feel as if the music is empathetically reaching out to you, comforting you, much the same way a mother would rock her child to sleep in her arms. Turn off your phones, close your eyes and have a listen, “Prelude For Time Feelers” may just be what you need to transport you to that strange place between reality and dream, where neither seems to matter.

Download >>Prelude For Time Feelers

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