Monday, April 9, 2007

Art Brut

"Pump Up The Volume"

Being obsessed with pop culture is an interesting habit when you’re in a indie rock band. Especially when that bands entire goal is to infiltrate pop culture. Then again, maybe that’s not so strange at all, but for some reason it still seems like an odd fixation for Art Brut. They’ve openly declared their desire to be on the British television program Top of the Pops, and still, after the shows cancellation last year, are adamant about it. So it’s no surprise that “Pump Up The Volume” finds lead singer Eddie Argos more interested in a song on the radio than making out with his date. It’s a ridiculous notion for most, but expected behavior from these guys (and girl). The music consists of the usual hard rock riffs paired with Argos' awkward, half melodic speak-singing. It’s hard to believe Argos when he claims to be serious about a majority of the material since most of it borders on tongue-in-cheek, but in this case we’ll have to just take his word for it. I can only hope that whatever song it is on the radio that keeps him from getting play is really, really good.

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