Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nine Horses

"Money For All"/"Get The Hell Out"

Meet my latest obsession. While not as bananas as Santogold or as grandiose as Arcade Fire, it’s an obsession nonetheless. Former Japan lead singer David Sylvian fronts Nine Horses with Steve Jansen & Burnt Friedman. The bands recent EP Money For All features re-workings of songs from 05’s Snow Born Sorrow, as well as the two new tracks featured here. While much different than his sparse, haunting solo album Blemish or his contribution on Fennesz’s Venice, Sylvian’s voice is trademark enough to make the material recognizable. His low, wavering tone stands out over the galloping industrial noises of “Get The Hell Out” where he connects non-sequiturs such as “Get the hell out/Honey it’s your birthday”. It creeps on you like a shadowy tempest with its dark, bubbling synths and granulated machine sounds. “Money For All” starts off with a muddied drum loop, eventually finding Sylvian backed by some soulful harmonies. I can’t truly explain why I’ve been so obsessed with the bands EP, all I can tell you is that it slowly sucked me in without me even realizing it.

Download >>Money For All

Download >>Get The Hell Out

1 comment: said...

This is exciting. I loved David Sylvian in the Rain Tree Crow era, but didn't know about 9H since I haven't really listened to him in a couple years.

And Devon, thanks for this blog man. Since Gil told me about it a couple days ago I've been creeping around and finding some great new stuff. We gotta get together and talk some music! Take it easy man.