Tuesday, April 24, 2007

People Press Play

Maybe it’s not just Sweden that produces 90% of the talent pool in indie rock. People Press Play hail from Denmark and are here to make an argument for Scandinavia as a whole. The band combines the soft, hushed vocals of Azure Ray with the downtempo electronics of Mum. “Frail” is definitely a low-key affair with it’s spacious arrangement and plainspoken lyrics. Delicately phrased synth-bells are mixed with synth-blips, while wordless vocals jump back and forth between notes in the background. “Always Wrong” underscores Sara Savery’s delicate voice with bouncy, sprightly electronics. It’s the perfect soundtrack to relax to. People Press Play’s self titled debut is electro-chill at its best; not too busy, but not too boring.

Download >>Always Wrong

Download >>Frail

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