Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Honeydrips

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The Honeydrips. Sounds like something that’s kind of gross and kind of good at the same time. Which is how “Trying Something New”, the second track off their album Here Comes the Future kind of sounds. Fortunately, the combination is a tasty one. “Trying Something New” is an upbeat song awash in distorted echoy explosions, eighties organ bass lines, wispy lyrics about getting away and well…trying something new, with a fairly sweet, oddly ascending, distorted guitar riff at its center. Mix these together and you get something that ends up sounding like a spacey new wave laser tag dream song, while remaining a fairly grounded and organic rock song. The Swedes truly seem to have a highly eclectic output of bands that have an intense grip on what the rest of the world is going to dig music wise. The Honeydrips seem to bee no exception.

Note: www.themusicmiz.com is not sponsored by the Swedish Government. That was a lie.

Download >>Trying Something New


weezie said...

you spelled "be" wrong...

ooooohhh, wait. i think i get it. bee... pollen... honeydrips. bees sting... bees eat honey... therefore be --> bee --> gay. but cute.

Tim said...

Oh...no. I just spelled be wrong. shoot.

benjimite said...

Yay, love the blog, how good is Sweden, much love from Perth, Western Australia