Friday, April 13, 2007

Digitalull - Your Weekly Electronic Fix

Adult- "I Feel Worse When I'm With You"

Sometimes we need to step outside of our silky comfortable lovey indie poprock sensitivity and jump into how we really feel. That manic, insane, uncontrolled feeling that keeps getting buried under soft harmonies and cushy guitar riffs needs to surface or else one day you will become a volcano and probably end up in a straight jacket. Adult has been making mizik since 1998, and although their sound or ideas haven't changed much, their unique wavelengths have been embedded as their own sound. Both straightforward and abstract at the same time, Adult creates chic, fast paced, electro that could make you dance, cringe, or say "fuck yeah" all at the same time. So answer that knock on your door and invite in "IFWWIWY". The anxiety you can never really express well comes in with some manic Adam Lee Miller keyboard and almost gabber beat that hits you in the temple right before Nicola Kuperus' shrill voice explains how we (ok I) feel about most people. As the video shows (it's on youtube) this looks like it is meant for your significant other but I think it is relevant to really anyone. I can't eat, breath, or sleep around a lot of people and honestly, couldn't say that to their faces. This song is a great muse for those of us who just cannot vocalize our grievances. The song title pretty much says it all (along with "Inclined To Vomit & You Don't Worry Enough" off of their new album Why Bother?) but at least they don't title their tracks Billy Corgan style.

Download >>I Feel Worse When I'm With You

Mr. Oizo - "Transexual" (Lorn Remix)


Quentin Dupieux has been in the game for a while now, most noticeably from that 1999 gem "Flat Beat". Ok so you don't recognize the title but you'd probably recognize the song. Look it up, we can't be your daddy for everything. Enough history, "Transexual" is the upcoming EP from Monsieur Oizo on Ed Banger Records and here is the title track all bass'd and lazer'd up just for you; complements of Lorn, who I've never even heard of before now. His talents seem to be emerging though, this track made me feel like I was back at the goth club, only not wearing fishnets or flailing furious fists at KMFDM. This song is pretty much all over the place with Benny Benassi type lady robot voice, hand clap snares, brown notes, and EDM organ breakbeat all in yo face. It almost seems German even though it's by a Frenchman, mixed by an American. Maybe the answer to life is France + USA = super German tranny goth.

Download >>Transexual (Lorn Remix)

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