Wednesday, April 4, 2007


"You'll Find A Way" (Switch & Graeme Sinden Remix)/"Creator"

It’s time to redefine “Bananas”. No, it aint got shit to do with produce. “You'll Find A Way” (Switch & Graeme Sinden Remix) is bananas. I listened to the track after it being suggested by of one of my fellow Mizians and promptly lost my shit. That loose, spacious, almost dub rhythm: bananas. The chains they substituted for a snare drum: bananas. The way they stretched the vocal over that sinister, bubbling synth: b-a-n-a-n-a-s. You get the point. There’s no two ways about it; I’m obsessed. I haven’t been able to digest any other music. It all seems pretty bland when compared with the few Santogold tracks I’ve managed to get my hands on. Check how she holds the tension in her voice, shouting warnings to “Watch out, run for cover!” while the beat plays it cool, executing equally measured claps and kicks before erupting into the aforementioned freak-out. It was the first moment of the year where my jaw literally dropped. Imagine my surprise when I came across the equally hot “Creator” after listening to some not-so-hot material from her previous full band effort. Imagine my face when I heard that bird-call vocal intro over sick drum rhythms and a queasy, wobbling synth line. Two shits lost in one day. I’m hesitant to make the obvious reference to M.I.A. because I think she deserves better, but it’s probably the closest comparison. Overreaching statement: I highly doubt there will be anything as exciting as Santogold in ‘07. Typical blog hype? Maybe, but you’d be silly not to see for yourself.

Download >>You'll Find A Way (Switch & Graeme Sinden Remix)

Download >>Creator

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