Thursday, April 19, 2007

Digitalull: Your Weekly Electronic Fix

Klaxons - "It's Not Over Yet"

Yay, rave is back!! Well, not really because it never went away, but the Klaxons are apparently (according to idiot NME) here to make it more accessible (even though I never saw a live band at any rave, what the shit?). Their video for Magick, with the glow stick blood spraying everywhere, seemed to visually kill that idea about them being rave resurrected. On to the song; sometimes hype can kill a band like this.....and this band has way too much (unneeded) hype. That being said, the Klaxons may very well hook you in with a rock vs. electronic recipe that at the very worst would end up on an OC soundtrack or at the very best introduce you to a new genre you never knew existed. "It's Not Over Yet" is most likely a token add on track to their album Myths Of The Near Future, but it's definitely one of the best. Originally a mid 90s trance song by Grace and later more famously a late 90s re-work by Planet Perfecto (Paul Oakenfold), "It's Not Over Yet" is nothing more than a sophomoric, lost love song, but the Klaxons cover it very nice with a live instrument version (see more accessible reference earlier). Bringing in the electric guitar and live drums with the male vocal (original was a female vocal) shows how talented these guys are; and to do a remake of a vocal trance song, (which no one to my knowledge has done yet) just shows a lot of balls. So, sit back eat some candy and enjoy some pure cane sugar, twice.

Download >>It's Not Over Yet

The Junkies - "Toys Professor" (Incorporation Mix)

This remixed track is pretty much a hipster's wet dream, but whatever, it sounds goddamn good. The Junkies sort of look like Aqua at first glance (remember that Barbie Girl song?) only not as much hair gel and way more talent; and conjure up Book Of Love. This Brooklyn, NY collective includes DJ Cosmo, Michelle Antoinette (almost falling out of her shirt!), Daniel Blue, Gil Bitton, Bleu, and DJ Johnny Blista; gotta love a group with 2 DJs and 2 female lead singers with more to spare. "I like boys that look like girl toys.....I like the girls that like the boy toys" are the main lyrics here, which, while not anything eye opening or breakthrough (and not meant to be), sound pretty darn sexy even if you're not stumbling around drunk wondering how in the hell you will get home. If anything, this may get someone laid from a night out at the indie dance club, so what's the harm in that? I say none. Add to that some stutter chorus, sounding a tad like Blur's "Girls and Boys", deep synth rackets, and dueling male/female vocals (and pseudo white persons rapping?), let this be the track that makes you think going out tonight and spending way too much on drinks, watching white dudes dance, and being kicked out at 1:30 is a great idea.

Download >>Toys Professor (Incorporation Mix)