Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Elk City

"Cherries In The Snow"

There’s a newfound energy on Elk City’s upcoming release New Believers. If you let the band tell it, they’d give credit to the departure of lead guitarist/singer Peter Langland-Hassan. If that’s truly the case, then it’s very unfortunate that one band member would be capable of stifling so much creativity. The music now lies somewhere between the soft, acoustic sounds of Camera Obscura and the charging rhythms and harmonies of the latter day girl groups. You make think I’m crazy, but I can actually hear a little bit of The Cranberries in “Cherries In The Snow”, which in this case is not a criticism. In between the “Ooh la la” harmonies and oh-so-90’s-rock guitar solo lies an irresistible slice of head-nodding pop perfection. The lyrics are simple enough to get stuck on endless repeat within the inner recesses of your brain, but cryptic enough make you ponder what reference may be flying over your head. But let’s not think too hard about that, we wouldn’t want to ruin the fun.

Download >>Cherries In The Snow

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