Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Acoustic Ladyland

"Road Of Bones"/"Red Sky"

If you like your music soft and pretty, please walk away. But if you can stomach the jazz tindged noir-metal of Acoustic Ladyland, please step forward and embrace the monster of an album that is Skinny Grin. Not unlike Norway’s Shinning, Acoustic Ladyland creates the sort of frantic (mostly) instrumental music that defies categorization and adheres to no simple structures. “Road Of Bones” Plays out like Jekyll and Hyde. The piano begins unassumingly, occasionally stopping at the end of a phrase as if to observe its surroundings. Just when you think it’s ok to relax, beastly power chords come crashing down and the piano surrenders to freakish dissonance, yanking you from a gentle daydream into a chilling nightmare. It’s a powerful juxtaposition of mellow balladry with heavy metal. Consider it Headbangers Ball for your local café. If “Red Sky” sounds like the theme from a classic 80’s crime drama to you, then now is the time to admit how much you loved those classic 80’s crime dramas. It’s one of the more tame tracks from the album with its saxophone and spindly, phased-out guitar. The rest of the album is even more on the experimental side than the two tracks presented here. It’s neither your dad’s jazz nor his rock and roll, but a monstrous hybrid of the two. Final warning: enter at your own risk.

Download >>Road Of Bones

Download >>Red Sky

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